Siena, Italy

It’s easy to feel alive when everyone and everything around is very much alive as well. Beautiful Summer day on the sea coast, you are out basking in the sun light and drinking some nice cocktail. Oh, It’s already a midday and you happily escape the high concentrated heat of direct sun by moving somewhere into the shade of beautiful trees and tropical plant shelter. This is kind of fast relief for someone in depression, isn’t it?


But life is unjust and fast-acting medicine rarely provide long-lasting effect. Not to mention habituation… To feel better once and for good one needs to treat the desease, not to mask its symptoms.

This makes me remember Siena – an ancient Toscana town that almost hasn’t changed over the time being at that a ‘live’ home-town for around K55 people.


It surprises first – the town is full of artefacts that make you feel like in a museum where everything is allowed to be touched.


Siena is divided into several contrada’s – districts, each of them has its own symbol and a horse-race (Palio) team. Competition between contrada’s doesn’t remember its roots

art-f-3 art-f-2 art-f-1

It scares right after – when you feel lost somewhere in the middle ages.

Old Siena IMG_1736_resize

When you do remember you’ve just come from Florence and are going back in some time – you start feeling better about yourselves and pity about Siena citizens.The final point you come to after spending several hours inside the town – it makes you feel alive. Like never before. You look around and see the same things with absolutely different eyes and mind – people are living (not just existing) there, they are smiling and laughing, they eat ‘sexy’ pasta with incredibly tasty olive oil, apreciate arts, drive cars, grow children, drink vine and have fun!

IMG_1809_resize IMG_1806_resize IMG_1777_resize IMG_1772_resize IMG_1771_resize IMG_1768_resize

Looking back to the past

Looking back to the past

Siena citizens apreciate their history but they were not frozen in the middle ages. I believe it’s not easy at all but Life is worth these efforts. Happiness doesn’t require breaking ancient walls of old towns but it does require breaking walls of our personal despair, scepticism, fears, laziness and doubts. We, people of the biggest world capitals often forget about it, having too few problems with the running water and electricity I suppose ))



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