Gdansk, Poland

Special album for my dear friends Piotr and Krzysztof from Poland ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was in Poland three times and each time this country surprised me, positively. Generally speaking people who thinks there is nothing to see in Poland are just blind. The country is not huge and it lost a lot of its beauty during the wwii but it still keeps the ace in its sleeve. Actually not only one.

Today I’m sharing some pictures I took in Gdansk this winter.

The word ‘Gdansk’ sounds quite unpleasant for the Russian ear, some people associate this word with the ‘Soviet type’ of the resort or village town – something you absolutely forget about as soon as you reach the area. In reality Gdansk is a very European town, much more than one can expect – being there you can be easily deceived by your eyes saying you’re in Netherlands, Belgium or in a certain parts of Germany. At that a closer look and some more time spent in the city will definitely help you feel the Polish soul of the place that for me personally means something less pragmatic, more ambiguous, complex and even largely tragic. I can be wrong!

Enough! Just check the pics and come to Poland one day )

There will be more on Poland soon, I simply must show you WrocLove! ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Gdansk, Poland

  1. I just visited Krakow last week! i fell in love with Poland! it is truly great place, and people are very nice in comparison to some other countries… i do not like generalizing into stereotypes but in general Poland is great in my opinion ))))

    • Oh yes, Krakow is great, I’ll post pictures from there as well, stay tuned ) And you know, they also have great guys there )) Seriously – they can appreciate your strength & care about you at the same time. I have 2 amazing friends there.

      • )))) i have to agree in regards of guys))) i dated a polish guy awhile ago… and he was just great! caring and sensitive, and appreciated my character (which is already makes him a great catch)))) but he was too serious about our relationship and i was just not ready, and maybe what i am looking for will not happen in my life ( i hope i will not be punished for my “pickiness”), but i just didn’t feel that “connection” – so we stayed friends, but romantic intent and i would guess my response to it definitely crippled our friendship (

        • it’s always a difficult task – to balanัe between friendship+freedom and any romantic intent, indeed. Re pickiness – one day we’ll get older and wiser and will go for something not ideal but the most important. I hope ))))

  2. well… i like returning to Gdansk – this place is completely “not Polish”, however – important for PL history. fulll of different influences, contradictions and rich history. IMHO – further more worth seening than Krakow. pls make sure you see it while visiting PL!

    • I’ll make sure to post something from Krakow soon ) I hope you like this pics and words as well. Welcome, I’m happy to see U here ๐Ÿ˜‰

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