Street life: sounds of the street

Walking the streets – is there any better way to catch how people live in a certain town or city? It’s kind of a practical lesson that is good to take after any theoretical lecture. Saying ‘walking’ I mean not only looking around, – surprisingly not visual images often create truly unique impressions and make us remember a certain place forever.

When I close my eyes and imagine Marseilles I almost can catch the smell of the fresh fish in the port that mixes with the smell of just bakes croissants from brasseries. Brussels – that tasty smell of waffles with strawberries and cream makes me crazy…)


What about sounds?! Today early in the morning my neighbor from a cottage next to mine was trying to start the engine of an old – like my granny- car and I felt like I opened my eyes in NYC… I think that sounds are especially good to create unforgettable atmosphere, to fix a certain impression in our memory along with the visual images.



In terms of architecture Amsterdam has lots of in common with other cities in Netherlands – take Haarlem or Utrecht, but think about the rhythm of life – they are from different planets. In all three bicycles are the main transport but being on foot only in Amster makes you feel like not a pedestrian but like a defective bicyclist.


I remember the sounds from everywhere behind that (depending on the type of the device producing this sound) can be translated as ‘sorry, would you mind… please’ or ‘get out of my way’. It was funny and really something very unique for me )



Once in Munich I saw an orchestra on the street, they were playing some Bavarian march and invited people to join them




In about half of an hour, when amount of people around was not less than 150, they started the procession. Oh, I was really happy to join, I thought it was a City day, Independence day or whatever like this. Everyone was singing with the orchestra, dancing and laughing, people from the nearby houses opened windows and joined the procession from above. It was so great, it had to be something really important. And it was! In about 30 minutes we stopped… in front of one of the most famous pubs.


Yes it was something one can experience in Munich only

Drinking beer, from above

Drinking beer, from above



What else?

Sound of tram in Bern at 7 o’clock in the am is also something special to me – not to mention walking streets at 7 is nonsense for me itself. Absolutely empty streets, no sounds at all – just a bell of a tram making a formal stop for no one.




Toot of the ferry in Stockholm – I’ve never seen that huge ferries!




Accordion in Florence



Street band near Tate in London



Lonely flutist on the sunny embankment in calm and careless Saloniki



I’m sure everyone can remember at least a dozen of stories like above. Somehow sounds add colors to our memories, don’t they? )


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8 thoughts on “Street life: sounds of the street

    • Thank you, I’m happy you liked them! Re waffles – yep, mine too )) My business partner, a guy from one Belgium company presented me 4 special baking forms for waffles. It was more than funny but maybe I should try it one day ))

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