Meteora, Greece

Have you ever been to Greece?
When I was at school, no I knew about Australia but it was too far away even to dream about visiting it one day. Being at school I was dreaming about going to Greece, Athens to be precise. Greece was much closer not only geographically, it was a country, no it was a civilization I fell in love with. I’ve always been attracted by history of different countries and nations but ancient Greece definitely occupied some special place in my heart, I even hated Romans… Their love for sciences, arts, their myths and gods – I was Greece addicted.
As it often happens in life – I’ve been almost everywhere in Europe and in most countries several times but alas Athens is still waiting for me, heh. But I must say I was lucky enough to see a bit of Greece, absolutely different Greece but not less fascinating. Meteora…
This place is amazing and is known for the extremely high sandstone rock pillars and monasteries on them.


What is especially great about Meteora – it’s still calm and peaceful, no rush, no crowds of tourists. Of course tourists come there early in the morning by huge buses but you should not care – you should see them off looking from your balcony at around midday.



And Meteora is all yours – walk, think, talk, enjoy beautiful downs…

Meteora will give a lot of food for thought and discussion. For one – think about monks who climbed so high to hide themselves from the civilization. They climbed up there, they built walls… and yes they built elevators to bring food and water. They were trying so hard to hide and now they attract thousand people to see them each day.
What were they running from? Maybe themselves? Isn’t it a sin to be running from ourselves? Only questions, no answers. Questions, a blanket and beautiful sunset – all you need in Meteora.


Please enjoy the gallery!



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