Thanks for flying with us… Ha-ha-ha!

I definitely fly too much for a person who is afraid of flying. But taken together these both can result in quite funny and thrilling experience.

In the end of April right after a sudden business trip I suddenly appeared in Thailand where I got by the Transaero airlines, the ‘Flight of Hope’ to be precise.

Flight of hope (in Russian)

Flight of hope (in Russian)


Thу latter was introduced by the stewardess and was written on different stuff around me. The intensions were the very best (some charity programme was named like this and was promoted by Transaero) but I wouldn’t be surprised if some passengers have a heart attack after seeing / hearing ‘Keep calm, it’s the flight of hope’. As for me, I was laughing being not able to fight the black humour and the wish to meet the genius PR manager of the Charity fund.

People with aerophobia sometimes do strange things. Being in Phuket we decided to fly to Bangkok in the morning and return the same day in the evening. The picture below taken at registration was worth that trip itself.

Pregnancy scares me a bit, but I never thought it’s that dangerous ))

Next flight is scheduled for Friday.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for flying with us… Ha-ha-ha!

    • When I was in front of it, I imagined a woman trying to camouflage her belly, as it was kind of contraband, making serious grimace together with her husband etc. That’s funny sign but not really clever one ))

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