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The Talking Wall

The Photo Challenge this week encourages bloggers to ‘put the National Geographic hat on’, became a documentary photographer and tell a story using a single image. Well. Firstly I must say I would be happy to take that hat off but I simply can’t since I returned from the place I’m going to show you… Secondly  – the story is too complicated for a single image so let me please use at least five.

This is the Israeli West Bank barrier or the wall separating two peoples and two areas of the one ancient and culturally & historically very rich territory called Palestine. Now it separates Israel and the Palestinian land. The conflict has lost its roots in the times of the Great Ottoman Empire, the first world war and several local wars they call ‘intifada’. I must admit all the information I found and read about the conflict didn’t make me confident about the point of view I finally ended up with, so I’m not going to form or influence your opinion anyhow. Here I would like you to see the pictures below and ‘read out’ the story of pain, injustice, hope, love, future and the past, life and its meaning…and much more you can find there in the works of street art below.


‘When the sun rises it rises for everyone’ – is it enough?..



Banksy's work

Banksy’s work


Another Banksy's work the girl with the baloons. What else could she try?!

Another Banksy’s work: The Girl with the baloons. What else could she try?!


Will it ever stop if a woman holds weapon? Or should we protect our land and children?..

Will it ever stop if a woman holds weapon? Or should we fight for our land and children?..


'No Love without freedom, no freedom without Love'

All we need is…?

PS: people in Israel used any chance to say we were crazy when got to know we were going to Palestine. Our car didn’t have any insurance for Palestine (they didn’t give it – could not, didn’t want) and everyone said something bad would definitely happen, we were risky, Palestine was called ‘exotic’ when the talking person was polite. In reality people in Palestine were much more cheerful and ready to help as compared with those from behind the wall. But it has probably nothing to do with the conflict’s nature. Or it does? or not?.. – don’t ask me I’m lost.



6 thoughts on “The Talking Wall

    • Thank you so much! it’s not kind of thing we can love for its beauty but it definitely can wake our mind and soul up, make us think and feel. Thanks again )

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