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Russian Kremlin’s hidden rooms

Granovitaya Palata (Palace of the Facets)

Granovitaya Palata (Palace of the Facets)

I’ve been always fascinated by history, the rich history of my own country in particular. Being a child I was dreaming about a strange thing – I wanted to get inside Kremlin and walk there a bit, to be able to touch and feel its history. Of course one can buy a ticket and visit some parts of this really huge complex but most of is still closed for excursions. But you know when you want something so badly you will 100% get it one day even if you stop thinking about it. It’s how the universe works I believe 😉 So one happy day I got a chance to visit closed parts of Kremlin together with some diplomats who visited Moscow with official delegation. Life is surprising, not only beautiful.

What is the most interesting about Kremlin, like Russia in general it is everything in one.  For one The biggest building inside Kremlin, the Big Kremlin Palace is kind of huge tent covering much smaller buildings of different ancient times. Walking inside this palace alone one will get lost for sure, but being accompanied by a professional guide you will easily teleport from XV to XIX, XXI and back, new room – new century. Some of them are used for inaugurations of a president, official ceremonies etc. A lot of this beauty was destroyed during the soviet times when the government members were allowed to live in the historic rooms, wash clothes in the pelvis right on ancient  lacquered furniture…


Georgievskiy Hall (The Hall of the Order of St. George)

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12 thoughts on “Russian Kremlin’s hidden rooms

    • Oh, thank you so much, I’m really happy you liked them! 😉 If you would like to see more of Russia please check the ‘Russia’ category. Thanks again )

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  3. The light fixtures or not only ornate but I am intrigued by the diversity. In the second last row, third photo in…are those lights or wall hangings? So intriguing.

    • I’ve added one more photo above for you, have a closer look, – there are several decorated gates and main of them (unfortunately don’t have on photo) are decorated by these ‘flowers’. Now they put a lamp inside so probably before there was a place for candles there. These gates currently located inside, centuries ago were outside and divided the royal entrance into the palace from the courtyard. Now it’s just another hidden room )) Thank you for your question! 😉

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