Russia / Weekly Photo Challenges

MUST return

This September I was in Murmansk, the biggest city above the Arctiс Circle in the world. One day I will share my photos from there and you’ll see why I fell in love with the Nothern Nature and Tundra in particular once and forever! But now I want to show you some pictures I saw in my mailbox yesterday and that were an obvious sign I MUST come back there again.

These fantastic photos were made and sent to me by Alexander, an amazing person and absolutely great photographer I was lucky to meet in Murmask.  A good half of my own album was also inspired by him and pictured at places he show.

Enjoy the magic!


Hereafter Author: Alexander Stepanenko (c)

BBD_7410_resize BBD_7377_resize BBD_7374_resize BBD_7366_resize BBD_7276_resize BBD_7295_resize BBD_7338_resize BBD_7358_resize BBD_7361_resize BBD_7243_resize BBD_7239_resize BBD_7233_resize BBD_7228_resize BBD_7205_resize

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