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Warmth Maker

I’m not any close to being a homester really, but thinking about what ‘warmth’ means to me I always have in mind things connected with my home and its coziness. It can be two our cats, the dog, fireplace, hot tea with Siberian herbal balsam or our huge Xmas tree. But there is something really special among these associations.
Here is my mum making Pelmeni (traditional Russian meal of dough with meet inside):


More of the process:



I see my mum about 1-2 times a month since we’ve stopped living together, I was 12 then. Despite I’m really greatful for all responsibility and freedom this gave to me, from time to time I miss things mums usually do for their children, things that a lot of children may not even notice or appreciate. Preparing some special dishes – for one. It’s a special ritual when the close ones exchange with news, thoughts and advices, one teaches and the other is pretending to be as interested as never before, when both cats are on duty under the table – for the company of course.

Isn’t it a real warmth? 😉
Show what Warmth means to YOU and share your warmth here


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